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@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
-Building and Installing ruby-debug from rubyforge's Subversion
-Repository (svn)
+Building and Installing ruby-debug from git
The below are Unix-centric instructions. If you have Microsoft
Windows, see the section on building Microsoft Windows.
@@ -12,7 +11,7 @@ Windows, see the section on building Microsoft Windows.
- Ruby development headers. This typically includes a file called "ruby.h"
- A C compiler like GNU C (gcc)
- Rake
- - Subversion (svn)
+ - git
If you want to build the documentation and install Emacs files, you'll
also need:
@@ -26,18 +25,14 @@ also need:
1. Basic package checkout and installation
-Check out the trunk of repository following the instructions at
- For example on a Unixy system,
-this may work:
+Clone the git repository:
- mkdir ruby-debug
- cd ruby-debug
- svn checkout svn:// trunk
+ git clone git://
In order to make the Ruby gems, ruby-debug and ruby-debug-base, get
-yourself into the trunk directory after the code has been checked out and run:
+yourself into the directory after the code has been checked out and run:
- cd trunk # This is the same trunk checked out above.
+ cd ruby-debug
rake package
If all goes well you should have some gem files put in the directory
@@ -62,21 +57,22 @@ part of step 1 you may want to try this approach since we go into a
little more detail as to what happens under the covers when you do the
gem install.
-Run (from trunk)
rake compile
This creates a Makefile and builds the ruby-debug shared library. (On
Unix the name is
Once this is done you can run the debugger as you would rdebug using the
-script rdbg.rb. For example (again from trunk)
+script rdbg.rb. For example:
./rdbg.rb ~/my-ruby-program.rb
3. Running the Regression tests
We've put together some basic tests to make sure ruby-debug is doing
-what we think it should do. To run these (from trunk):
+what we think it should do. To run these:
rake test
@@ -118,16 +114,16 @@ and basically build a ruby interpreter. I use script
in this directory. You may want to customize it for your needs.
Once you have a cross-compiled rubyw.exe interpreter, the directory
-you want be is in ruby-debug/trunk/ext/win32, not ruby-debug/ext.
+you want be is in ruby-debug/ext/win32, not ruby-debug/ext.
So let's say you've installed the cross-compiled install rubyw.exe in
/usr/local/ruby-mingw32/rubyw.exe. Here then are the commands to build
- cd .../ruby-debug/trunk/ext/win32
+ cd .../ruby-debug/ext/win32
ruby -I /usr/local/ruby-mingw32/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-mingw32 ../extconf.rb
make # Not rake
- cd ../.. # back in ruby-debug/trunk
+ cd ../.. # back in ruby-debug
rake win32_gem
3. Customizing C extension compile options
@@ -129,18 +129,6 @@ It is the same as ruby-debug-base native C extension from ruby-debug project
jruby -S gem install ruby-debug-base
-== Installation of trunk version
-Handy for developers or users living on the cutting-edge.
-$ cd ~/tmp
-$ svn co svn:// jruby-debug
-$ cd jruby-debug
-$ rake gem
-$ jruby -S gem install -l pkg/ruby-debug-base-0.10.3-java.gem
-$ jruby -S gem install columnize
-$ jruby -S gem install -r ruby-debug -v 0.10.3 --ignore-dependencies
== Usage
The usage is then the same as with native ruby-debugger, but you might need to

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