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GPL open-source DIY ECU

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Current binaries are always available on our build server



Cloning the repository

Important note - we now use submodules:

git submodule update --init

What do we have here?

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Building the Code


Release Notes

Release date Revision Details
10/28/2020 changelog has moved
07/26/2020 r24635 improvement #1637: DC motor idle air valve for late 90s German vehicles
07/21/2020 bugfix #1592 injectors could stay open on transition from cranking to running under certain conditions
06/17/2020 r23656 bugfix #1491 major performance/scheduling improvement
05/21/2020 r22961 rusEFI console start-up time improvements
04/18/2020 r22231 Renix 44-2-2 trigger support added
04/02/2020 Start button feature
03/28/2020 Critical error text is now displayed in TunerStudio
03/26/2020 Multi-spark feature
09/05/2019 r19849 Electronic Throttle Body including idle control seems to work
07/28/2019 r19612 improvement #809: software jump to DFU
04/25/2019 r17317 bugfix #775: electrical noise reboot during settings change causes with full tune loss
04/07/2019 r17098 improvement #714: TLE8888 Enable Outputs SPI integration
02/27/2019 r16886 bugfix #698: concurrency defect with single timer executor initialization
02/23/2019 r16857 improvement #688: better support for 144 and 176 pin packages
02/05/2019 r16713 improvement #631: ChibiOS 18
01/11/2019 r16346 bugfix #663: SPI fixes for CJ125 for stm32 errata STM32f405/7/15/17
12/09/2018 r16057 electronic throttle body control is now BETA version
08/19/2018 r15811 bugfix #604: no interpolation outside of the table
01/29/2018 r15514 improvement #215: CJ125 wideband controller
01/23/2018 r15442 improvement #463: ChibiOS 17 / 4
01/07/2018 r14952 usability & minor bugfix #532 idle defaults are broken
12/17/2017 r14892 bugfix #513: console: erase on older chips does not work
11/26/2017 r14789 bugfix #500: set_rpn_expression command is broken
11/23/2017 r14779 bugfix #497: engine does not start with SD card
11/19/2017 r14766 improvement #496: console flasher to support older boards
11/19/2017 r14760 improvement #495: incompatible change - larger settings area
11/06/2017 r14733 improvement #487: single-point injection mode
10/26/2017 r14700 improvement #385: narrow band to wide band conversion table
08/31/2017 improvement #442: ADC_VCC should be configurable
07/24/2017 r14513 bugfix #307: TS bench test blinks three times
07/13/2017 r14476 bugfix #461: SAXParserException on console start-up due to damaged settings.xml file
07/09/2017 r14473 improvement: IAC solenoid frequency changeable on the fly
06/19/2017 r14393 bugfix: pinMode, milMode
05/27/2017 r14221 improvement: ochGetCommand to support offset and count
05/05/2017 r13974 bugfix #404: 36/1 FATAL error: angle range trgSync
05/03/2017 r13967 improvement: ChibiOS 3.2
04/06/2017 r13759 major improvement #72: ChibiOS 3.1
03/26/2017 r13330 super annoying bug #336 fixed
03/20/2017 r13233 improvements #375 & #376: hard FPU mode & migrating to fresh version of arm gcc
03/19/2017 r13223 bugfix #374: persistent configuration starts to touch firmware - settings would need to be reloaded
03/09/2017 r13146 bugfix #370: duty cycle vs error code 6050
03/06/2017 r13123 bugfix #363: 2/1 skipped wheel is a corner-case
03/05/2017 r13108 bugfix #363: trigger front only processing
02/22/2017 r12980 bugfix: false error message in case of single coil or simultaneous injection
02/22/2017 r12973 unused property 'custom Use Rise Edge' removed
02/22/2017 r12972 protocol signature changed to 'v0.02' (this would happen from time to time to ensure version match between console and TS project
02/20/2017 r12939 is now the official primary repository
02/18/2017 r11565 improvement: level1 default brown out
02/18/2017 r11554 bugfix: rusEfi console program/erase buttons fixed with ST-LINK 2.1
12/09/2016 r10991 bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes & release 1.0
02/15/2016 r9600 automatic warm-up fuel correction, performance improvements
08/31/2015 r8725 acceleration fuel correction, console improvements
07/06/2015 r8554 more CAN, better console, bugfixes, performance
04/26/2015 r7938 vehicle speed sensor, stepper idle valve, lots of improvements
11/13/2014 r5327 ChibiOS/RT 2.6.6, better cold start logic, bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes...
06/12/2014 r3477 Precise event scheduling, protocol selection
03/26/2014 r2413 C++, refactoring & improvements
02/23/2013 r1777 trigger is now configurable via TunerStudio
01/30/2014 r1309 true trigger angles, VBatt signal
01/12/2014 r1007 refactoring, refactoring & refactoring
12/19/2013 r605 ignition control & a little bit of CAN bus
11/08/2013 r100 Tuner Studio fuel map tuning, fuel pump control
10/14/2013 r39 USB serial bug, missing IAR files, self-contained Makefile
10/13/2013 r33 IAR project file
10/04/2013 r26 Patched ChibiOS/RT 2.6.1 sources are now included
09/23/2013 r20 Tuner Studio integration, configuration persistence
08/30/2013 r14 initial documentation & refactoring. tunerstudio integration
08/03/2013 r13 wideband O2 input, better idling algorithm, serial-over-USB
07/05/2013 r10 Second CKP, sequential injection.
06/19/2013 r9 Initial version - batch injection & ignition with advance table lookup.