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Rust Bitcoin Community

A Series of Projects to implement various Bitcoin Protocols in Rust

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  1. rust-bitcoin rust-bitcoin Public

    Rust Bitcoin library

    Rust 2k 623

  2. rust-secp256k1 rust-secp256k1 Public

    Rust language bindings for Bitcoin secp256k1 library.

    C 332 249

  3. rust-miniscript rust-miniscript Public

    Support for Miniscript and Output Descriptors for rust-bitcoin

    Rust 324 130

  4. rust-bitcoincore-rpc rust-bitcoincore-rpc Public

    Rust RPC client library for the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC API.

    Rust 307 227

  5. rust-wallet rust-wallet Public

    *archived* Library for a Bitcoin Wallet

    Rust 180 89

  6. murmel murmel Public

    Bitcoin SPV client in Rust.

    Rust 102 32


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