Sample Project for my Blog Post on Charles Proxy
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Charles Rules

Charles Proxy Primer Blog Post

Build Status

This project is to be used with my blog post which is a primer on using Charles Proxy.

How To Run

The project is in Swift 4 and on Xcode 9.x.

In order to run the sample project, you'll need an Unsplash developer account and an Application ID. You can apply for one here: Unsplash API. Once you have an Application ID, replace [YOUR APPLICATION ID HERE] on the line that says let clientKey: String = "[YOUR APPLICATION ID HERE]" in the PhotoDataSource.swift class file.

Without the developer account and Application ID, the code will compile, but when you run the app, you won't see any results. Only an error.


Ryan Grier


This project are made available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.