Instinct Planner - A biologically inspired Reactive Planner based on POSH. Written in C++ with a tiny memory footprint.
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Instinct Planner

The Instinct Planner is a biologically inspired Reactive Planner based on the original POSH Planner created by Dr Joanna Bryson. It is written in C++ and is optimised to have a tiny memory footprint, making it suitable for embedded controllers and multi-agent systems.

This library works with both Arduino and Microsoft Visual C++ environments. This libary is required as part of the R5 Robot.

For full details see Instinct Planner page on the my web site.

Rob Wortham - May 2016


1.0.1 - First public upload

1.1.0 - Various fixes and added Names - a class to store Names associated with instinctIDs in a memory buffer

1.1.1 - Added ability to retrieve and modify drive priority as the plan is running. Also added ability to get a plan element ID from its element name.


The Instinct Planner is Open Source Software distributed under the GNU GPL licence.

Copyright (c) 2015-17 Robert H. Wortham