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Ryo Currency 'Free Radical' Bugfix-Release

The fork will occur on block 150,000.

If you already use version v0.2.0 and do not use the tool ryo-address-validator an update to this Bugfix-Release is not necessary.

Automatically updated blockchain download is available at:


  • fix ryo-address-validator #31
  • fix clang build #29
  • add travis CI tests #21

Notes for pool operators

You will need to update both node-cryptonote-util and node-multi-hashing for your pool to operate properly. If you need technical assistance, please contact mosu_forge or fireice_uk on Telegram.

Notes for exchange operators

We would appreciate if you transitioned to RYoL address format as soon as possible. You can use the standalone utility ryo-address-validator to convert Sumo to RYoL format. Deposits can safely resume after the fork.

sha256 checksums

3ba02f483a1d7b5addc6a808285a9c4347fb0ec0ef8b109003a79d0c1890c081  ryo-linux-x64-
b5d7181668c15092ddba11bda5adc4ceaff1c25d89876e7e050bcdee99f89a8f  ryo-macosx-x64-
c19f737fc122835e17b69efb70d76d465d385235a2a9852c1744f5aff9a65608  ryo-win-x64-