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Golang net.Conn Connection Pool
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sabey added support for IdleTimeout
if IdleTimeout is above 0 support for removing idle connections is enabled
once a connection is moved to the available map, ticker will start and will watch and remove idle connections from our pool
when there are no available connections (ie: all connections are active or there are no connections at all) our ticker will not run
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Golang net.Conn Connection Pool


This package was inspired by - This is NOT a fork, it will function differently!!!

The main differences are:

  • The connection pool is capped and Dial will block once the pool is full!
  • Connections are capped with a Buffer that can be optionally shared between pools.
  • Dial can Timeout if we fail to acquire a spot from the Buffer queue! (DialTimeout or similar should be used within the Dial function)
  • DialInitial can not garauntee that we will always dial the initial amount due to the possibility of a shared Buffer.


go get -t -u


// create a shared buffer
buffer := CreateBuffer(10, time.Second*2)

// create a config for our lagoon instance
config := &Config{
	Dial: func() (net.Conn, error) {
		return net.DialTimeout("tcp", "service.local:25", time.Second*30)
	DialInitial: 5,
	Buffer:      buffer,

// create a lagoon instance
l, err := CreateLagoon(config)

// dial
c, err := l.Dial()

// return connection back to the pool

// dial
c, err := l.Dial()

// remove connection from the pool on close

// close connection
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