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garlic-player - Open Source SMIL Player for Digital Signage

The goal is to create a as most as neccessary SMIL 3.0 compatible and as most as possible platform independent free open source multimedia player to meet Digital Signage needs. Garlic should be used online with web-based content managment systems like SmilControl or other. Offline usage via command-line is also possible.

Libraries used

  • Qt5 >= 5.7
  • QtAV >= 1.12.0 as alternative to QtMultimedia
  • Quazip 0.7.3 (included in ./src/ext)
  • zlib 1.2.11 (included in ./src/ext)

OS targets:

Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi 3, Android, maybe later OSX

Garlic is able to play local and remote (via http) SMIL Files with the features described below. Compilations were tested with:

  • Kde Neon Ubuntu 16.04 based (Do not use QtMultimedia cause gstreamer 1.8 seems to have a mem leak)
  • Kubuntu 16.10, 17.04, 17.10, 18.04 (native)
  • Debian: Jessie and Stretch
  • Rasperian Stretch rpi 3 with hardware video acceleration from POT (experimental)
  • Tinker Board (Linaro OS 1.8)
  • Android armv7 (4.4.1, 5.0.1, 5.1.1, 6.0.2 and 7.0)
  • Windows 7 i64 (VS2015 Community Version)

For Android player-c2qml is needed, cause QtMultimedia-Widgets are not supported.


both bugs are showstoppers for media player who should run 24/7, so do not use this Qt-versions [options] SMIL_INDEX

Command line options

  • -h, --help Displays this help.
  • -v, --version Displays version information.
  • -m, --windows-mode fullscreen, bigscreen (when multi monitor) or windowed mode
  • -z, --windows-size size of windows (when windows mode) e.g. 980x540 means 980px width and 540px height
  • -s, --screen-select Starts in selected screen number

Arguments: SMIL_INDEX Path to SMIL index

Binaries can be downloaded at


  • Support for multiple screens
  • Logging
  • 301 redirect support
  • lot's of video formats
  • Media Cache
  • SMIL3 subset, HTML5, HTML5-Widgets and (depending on device) WebGL support

actual supported SMIL-Features

Time container elements

  • seq
  • par
  • excl
  • priorityClass

Attributes for excl/priorityClass time container

  • peers stop|never|pause|defer
  • higher stop|pause
  • lower never|defer


  • video
  • audio
  • images
  • html/text
  • HTML Widgets

other Elements

  • prefetch
  • meta for refresh index via http-equiv="Refresh"

Attributes for media

  • region
  • fit fill|scale|meetbest

Attributes for media and time container:

  • xml:id with Fallback for SMIL 2.0 id
  • title stub
  • class stub
  • xml:lang stub
  • dur with values indefinite, media, Clock values (full+partial clock), normal (h min s and ms)
  • begin with Clock values (like dur) and wallcock with periods and repeats. Date is supported only in full ISO 8601 format not short date like 201634W.
  • end has same features as begin
  • repeatCount only integer values (float support maybe implemented later)

Layered multizone layouts elements:

  • root-layout
  • layout

Multizone attributes

  • regionName
  • top values in px or %
  • left values in px or %
  • width values in px or %
  • height values in px or %
  • z-index integer values
  • backgroundColor values are compatible with CSS
HTML-like comments in SMIL-File are supported and content inside will ignored

additional features supported not in w3c standard

  • shuffle play in seq container via metadata
  • automatic refresh via metatags in SMIL header
  • Logs/reports system and inventory-reports, events- and playlogs via subscription meta and delivery by webdav like described in Reporting

actual supported remote features via downloader

  • http downloads and caching
  • caching of remote SMIL index file
  • caching of remote media files
  • refresh via meta tag in cyclic timer periods
  • http 301 redirects for index and media


  • toogle fullscreen with Ctrl-F
  • toogle bigscreen with Ctrl-B
  • quit app with Ctrl-Q
  • open configuration dialog with Ctrl-S

future ToDo's

Contact: [Nikolaos Sagiadinos] (