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This project implements Erlang Distribution Protocol in .NET and also provides class abstractions of all Erlang primitive types with ability to match terms.

This is a fork of OTP.NET found in: http://jungerl.sourceforge.net This folk has many bug fixes, and new features, such as Erlang term construction from strings Erlang.Object.Format(), pattern matching Erlang.Object.match(), and more (see release_notes.txt for changes).

For sample use of OTP.NET see OtpTest1/Test1.cs.


This project is being phased out into an updated and more powerful implementation of Erlang interface for .NET called NFX.Erlang. The project is located at https://github.com/aumcode/nfx. Pre-release documentation is available here (under NFX.Erlang section).

See the features of the new library described here:

What is implemented in NFX.Erlang?

  • Support of all Erlang types and their mapping to corresponding CLR types
  • Pattern matching of Erlang types
  • String parsing (e.g. "{10, 'abc', A::int(), [B::atom(), C::list()], \"hello\"}.") into the corresponing Erlang type
  • Erlang term serialization/deserialization
  • Full support of OTP distributed protocol
  • Initiation of Erlang.NET node starting via configurable dependency injection or through code
  • Distributed mailbox monitoring and linking
  • RPC calls from Erlang to .NET and from .NET to Erlang
  • I/O server in .NET so that output of an RPC call from .NET to io:put_chars("hello\n") can be relayed back to .NET and handled there

What is not implemented yet in NFX.Erlang?

  • Support for Erlang maps introduced in R18.