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BigONE Exchange API python implementation for automated trading
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Welcome to python-bigone v0.1.0

This is an unofficial Python wrapper for the BigONE exchanges REST API v2. I am in no way affiliated with BigONE, use at your own risk.

Source code


  • Implementation of all REST endpoints
  • Simple handling of authentication
  • Response exception handling

Quick Start

Register an account with BigONE.

Generate an API Key and store it.

pip install python-bigone
from bigone.client import Client
client = Client(api_key, api_secret)

# get markets
markets = client.get_markets()

# get market order book
depth = client.get_order_book('ETH-BTC')

# get market trades
trades = client.get_market_trades('ETH-BTC')

# get your accounts
currencies = client.get_accounts()

# place a bid order
transaction = client.create_order('KCS-BTC', Client.SIDE_BID, '0.01', '1000')

# place an ask order
transaction = client.create_order('KCS-BTC', Client.SIDE_ASK, '0.01', '1000')

# get a list of your orders for a symbol
orders = client.get_orders('ETH-BTC')

# get a list of your trades for a symbol
orders = client.get_trades('ETH-BTC')

# get list of all withdrawals
withdrawals = client.get_withdrawals()

# get list of all deposits
deposits = client.get_deposits()

For more check out the documentation.


If this library helped you out feel free to donate.

  • ETH: 0xD7a7fDdCfA687073d7cC93E9E51829a727f9fE70
  • NEO: AVJB4ZgN7VgSUtArCt94y7ZYT6d5NDfpBo
  • LTC: LPC5vw9ajR1YndE1hYVeo3kJ9LdHjcRCUZ
  • BTC: 1Dknp6L6oRZrHDECRedihPzx2sSfmvEBys

Other Exchanges

If you use Binance check out my python-binance library.

If you use Kucoin check out my python-kucoin library.

If you use Allcoin check out my python-allucoin library.

If you use Quoinex or Qryptos check out my python-quoine library.

If you use IDEX check out my python-idex library.

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