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Build Status

This repository contains a build script (Makefile) to create a working Sancus development environment by resolving system dependencies, and installing the latest sub-projects. The resulting Sancus distribution offers a complete development environment, including simulator, compiler/toolchain, support libraries, and example programs.

To get started quickly, we also provide a Docker script that uses the Makefile to automatically build an Ubuntu 18.04-based 'sancus-devel' container. Simply execute make docker to build and run the Docker container, or see the docker subdirectory for detailed instructions.

Requirements and Dependencies:

Note: The build script was developed to work on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installation, but it should be fairly straightforward to port to other GNU/Linux distribution.

The following dependencies are automatically installed when invoking make install_deps:

  • cmake >= 3.4.3
  • pyelftools (Python 3+)
  • msp430-gcc >= 4.6
  • msp430-elf-gcc >= 6.0 provided by Texas Instruments (Debian package provided, see below)
  • iverilog >= 0.9 (if you want to use the simulator)
  • Clang/LLVM >= 3.4.3 (needs to be patched, Debian package provided; see below)
  • **xstools"" (see below)

While developing the Sancus compiler, we found a bug in Clang that has not yet been merged upstream, and thus needs to be patched before being able to use our compiler. The easiest way to do this is to install the provided Debian package for AMD64 and ARMHF. This package is called clang-sancus and will be installed in /usr/local/. If you want to patch and build LLVM/Clang manually, use/check make llvm-inst (you need 35GB of free disk space, most of this is for temporary files created by LLVM/Clang during the build process and can be cleaned up afterwards).

From msp430-elf-gcc we need the latest binutils for the MSP430. As for Cland, we provide these pre-packaged for Debian-based Linux distributions on AMD64 and ARMHF. Use or check make ti-mspgcc-inst to build msp430-elf-gcc from source.

Building Instructions:

$ git clone
$ cd sancus-main

# 1. Install prerequisites
$ sudo make install_deps # default installation directory for Clang and \
                         # msp430-elf-gcc is /usr/local

# 2. Clone relevant Sancus project git repositories
$ make

# 3. Build and install Sancus toolchain
$ sudo make install      # to override default security level (64 bits), use \
                         # SANCUS_SECURITY=128                               \
                         # SANCUS_KEY=deadbeefcafebabec0defeeddefec8ed       \
                         # use SANCUS_INSTALL_PREFIX=dir to override default \
                         # installation directory /usr/local

To remove temporary files:

$ make clean
$ make distclean

To remove the Sancus installation directory system-wide:

$ sudo make uninstall

XSTOOLS Installation

$ sudo pip2 install PyPubSub==3.3.0
$ sudo pip2 install xstools
$ sudo xstest   # to test the connected FPGA boards
$ sudo xsload -b xula2-lx25 --flash path/to/image.mcs  # program the FPGA

Example Programs

To test your newly installed Sancus distribution, run the example programs/test suite in the simulator (might take a long time since the hardware design is simulated at the gate-level).

$ make examples-build
$ make examples-sim