CLI tool to manage a SIFT Install
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Manage your SIFT Installation


  sift [options] list-upgrades [--pre-release]
  sift [options] install [--pre-release] [--version=<version>] [--mode=<mode>] [--user=<user>]
  sift [options] update
  sift [options] upgrade [--pre-release]
  sift [options] version
  sift -h | --help | -v

  --dev                 Developer Mode (do not use, dangerous, bypasses checks)
  --version=<version>   Specific version install [default: latest]
  --mode=<mode>         SIFT Install Mode (complete or packages-only) [default: complete]
  --user=<user>         User used for SIFT config [default: ${currentUser}]
  --no-cache            Ignore the cache, always download the release files


Open issues over at the main SIFT Repository, prefix all issues with [CLI]


  1. Go to the Latest Releases
  2. Download all the release files
    • sift-cli-linux
    • sift-cli-linux.sha256.asc
  3. Import the PGP Key - gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 22598A94
  4. Validate the signature gpg --verify sift-cli-linux.sha256.asc
  5. Validate SHA256 signature shasum -a 256 -c sift-cli-linux.sha256.asc OR sha256sum -c sift-cli-linux.sha256.asc
    • Note: You'll see an error about improperly formatted lines, it can be ignored so long as you see sift-cli-linux: OK before it
  6. Move the file to sudo mv sift-cli-linux /usr/local/bin/sift
  7. Run chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/sift
  8. Type sift --help to see its usage


Install Latest SIFT

sift install

Install Latest SIFT (packages only)

sift install --mode=packages-only

Install Specific Version

sift install v2017.22.2

Update Existing VM

This just makes sure the current version is up-to-date

sift update

Upgrading to new SIFT Release

sift upgrade