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SLIP-0173 : Registered human-readable parts for BIP-0173

Number:  SLIP-0173
Title:   Registered human-readable parts for BIP-0173
Type:    Standard
Status:  Active
Authors: Clark Moody <>
Created: 2017-05-17


BIP-0173 defines a new format for segregated witness output addresses that contains a human-readable part that identifies the coin type.


The BIP repository does not want to deal with assigning the values for various coin types different than Bitcoin so we propose this SLIP to become such body.

Registered human-readable parts

These are the registered human-readable parts for usage in Bech32 encoding of witness programs.

Coin Mainnet Testnet Regtest
Agoric agoric
Akash Network akash
Alaya atp atx
Althea althea
BARE bare tbare bart
Band Protocol band
Bellcoin bm bt br
Binance Chain bnb
Bitcoin bc tb bcrt
Bitcoin Atom bca tbca bcart
Bitcoin Gold btg tbtg
Bitcoin Platinum btp tbtp
Bitcoin Post-Quantum pq tq pqrt
Bitcoin Private btcp tbtcp regbtcp
Bitcore btx tbtx
Bitsong bitsong
BitZeny bz tz rz
Blacknet blacknet rblacknet
CertiK Chain certik
Cosmos Hub cosmos
CPUchain cpu tcpu rcpu
CranePay cp cpt cpr Chain cro tcro
Cyber cyber
Desmos desmos
DigiByte dgb dgbt dgbrt
e-Money emoney fetch
FujiCoin fc tf fcrt
Groestlcoin grs tgrs grsrt
Handshake hs ts rs
Injective inj
IoTeX io it
IRISnet iris
Juno juno
Kava kava
KiChain ki
Kira Network kira
LatticeX pla plt
Litecoin ltc tltc rltc
Medibloc panacea
Microtick micro
Monacoin mona tmona rmona
Myriad my tm
Namecoin nc tn ncrt
Oasis Network oasis oasis
OKExChain ex
Omni o to ocrt
Osmosis osmo
Peercoin xpc tpc
Persistence persistence
PKT pkt tpk
PlatON lat lax
Quantum Resistant Ledger qrl tqrl qrlrt
Ravencoin rc tr rcrt
Regen regen
Riecoin ric tric rric
Secret Network secret
Sentinel sent
Sifchain sif
Sommelier somm
Stargaze stars
Starname star
Straightedge str
Switcheo swth
Sugarchain sugar tugar rugar
Susucoin susu tutu ruru
Syscoin sys tsys scrt
Terra terra
Tgrade tgrade
Thorchain thor
Unit-e ue tue uert
Vertcoin vtc tvtc
Viacoin via tvia
VIPSTARCOIN vips tvips
YeeCo yee tyee
Zen Protocol zen tzn
Zilliqa zil tzil