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Edit: This file is deprecated.

This was useful when starting the project. But now that it's all up and running, all planned features and ideas that weren't finished have been moved to the "issues" page.

Project management:

Phase 1: Beautiful, functional, and ease of use (TJW)

Phase 2: Community Input and bugs (ZD/JM)

Phase 3: Cross-platform testing (Ubuntu, Win, OSX), build tools

Phase 4: New Website

  • Status: Done, but could be improved
  • To do:
    • Wireframe/page layout (Micah)
    • Set up Gulp to auto minify/concat/uglify JS, Process Sass, and live reload (Micah)
    • Create screenshots for Win/OSX/Ubuntu. (TJW)
    • Take NEW screenshots now that we have a different logo. (TJW)
    • Wipe out the old site, reorganize and set up the new site (TJW)
    • Use GitHub's API to dynamically set the values of the download buttons (Luis)
    • Use Crossbrowser.js and 64or32.js to display the correct download button. (Luis)
    • Display a "minimum system requirements", maybe tailor it to each OS, as free space requirement will vary (TJW)
    • Show a comparison table of the old Scout-App and the new Scout-App (TJW)
    • Listing of Mixins that come built in to Scout-App 2 (TJW)
    • List of themes (TJW)
    • List languages supported by Scout-App (TJW)
    • Link to how to translate Scout-App (TJW)
    • New logo and branding based on Scout the Puppy (Kim)
    • "Create your own Theme" video (TJW) Will likely remake this later, could be improved.
    • "Getting Started with Scout-App 2" video (TJW)
    • Buy (TJW)
    • Update DNS/CNAME and README/Documentation links to new address.

Phase 5: Bug fixes/Additional features/Maintenance

  • Status: Lower priority features, some have been claimed
  • To do:
    • Recursive Sass input folder rendering. We currently monitor all changes, but only process files in the root. (#241) (TJW)
    • Drag and drop sidebar items to reorder (#130) (TJW)
    • Right-click to delete an project from the sidebar (#65) (TJW)
    • Allow users to rename project titles (#179) (TJW)
    • BUG: Compass-Mixins is outdated and bugs out on the compact function (#260) (TJW)
    • BUG: Don't create empty folders in the output directory (#262) (TJW)
    • Play sounds with alerts/messages (#161) (TJW)
    • Desktop notifications for alerts and errors (#240, #79, #12) (TJW)
    • Scan Desktop for projects folders (TJW)
    • Import projects by dragging a folder into Scout-App (#259)
    • Redesign FTUX (#273)
    • Multi-project import outside of FTUX view (#273)
    • Implement Live Reload or something similar (#39)
    • Accept CLI arguments to run projects on startup (#172, #258).
    • Allow for specific projects to run on app launch (#69)
    • Tray icon/Minimize to tray (#278)
    • Investigate adding Eyeglass into Scout-App, as it's the closest thing to Compass for Node-Sass. (#279)
    • Possibly implement an ITCSS specificity graph into the UI for sucessfully outputted CSS files (#280)
    • Abilitity to clear all alerts and messages at once (#281)
    • Make sidebar resizable (#282)
    • Tray icon indicators (#283)
    • Import/Export projects (#296)
    • Multi-project delete (#297)
    • Add in badges to show number of alerts/messages for the Status of All Projects button (#298)
    • Delete settings file button in preferences (#299)