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Community Made Scripts for the Screeps Game


  1. python-screeps python-screeps Public

    Unofficial client for the Screeps Unofficial API

    Python 81 23

  2. node-screeps-api node-screeps-api Public

    Node.js API For screeps

    JavaScript 70 30

  3. screeps_console screeps_console Public

    Standalone Interactive Screeps Console

    Python 56 11

  4. screeps-stats screeps-stats Public

    Access Screeps Console, Performance, and Statistics Data via Kibana and ElasticSearch

    Python 38 17

  5. screeps-grafana screeps-grafana Public

    Forked from bkconrad/screeps-grafana

    Pretty graphs for screeps

    JavaScript 68 28

  6. screeps_notify screeps_notify Public

    Send messages (SMS, Slack) from inside Screeps Scripts

    Python 23 6


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