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This project allows players to send text message alerts from inside their Screeps scripts.


This project depends on Twilio for sending SMS. You will need an account, which will end up costing $1 a month plus an additional $0.0075 per text message.


The settings file is a yaml file. Begin by copying the settings.dist file to .settings.yaml in the directory you will be calling from.

cp .settings.dist.yaml .settings.yaml

Screeps Settings

This project works with authorization tokens that have the /api/user/memory permission. If you are using the ivm module it will need "full permissions" (see below).

# Screeps account info
screeps_ivm: true
screeps_ptr: false

If you are using the ivm engine the Screeps Notify Server will also run a console command to remove sent messages. This is important because many users on the ivm engine do not reparse memory each tick, so memory based API calls do not work.

Define Services

Services are used by the system to send messages. Currently there are three service types (HTTP, Slack, and SMS), each of which can be used multiple times (for instance, you can define multiple slack hooks to send different types of messages to different channels).


    # Set driver to twilio
    type: sms

    # Your Account SID from

    # Your Auth Token from

    # You SMS number from twilio.
    sms_from: '+15555555555'

    # This should be the number you want to receive the texts.
    sms_to: '+15555555555'

    # Set driver to HTTP
    type: http

    # Specify a url

    # Provide an API key for AWS Gateway (optional)

    # Set driver to HTTP
    type: http

    # Specify a url

    # Provide an API key for AWS Gateway (optional)

    # Set driver to SLACK
    type: slack

    # Specify a url

    # Optionally set a channel. If not set the webhook default will be used.

    # Optionally set a username.

    # Optionally specify an emoji as a user icon

Define Groups

Groups define which services get used when a notification is sent. At a minimum a default group should be set.

Groups can either be an array of services or the string all (which will make sure the group sends a message to all available services).


    - sms
    - logs
    - slack

    - sms
    - logs

  defense: all



This service can be enabled on a desktop machine using vagrant. First setup the configuration file as per the instruction below, then provision the machine.

vagrant up


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Copy settings file - cp .screeps_settings.dist.yaml .settings.yaml
  3. Edit settings with the appropriate API keys.
  4. Build your docker image- docker build -t screepsnotify .
  5. Test to make sure it works- docker run --rm screepsnotify
  6. Add a cronjob to call docker run --rm screepsnotify as often as you wish.

Self Hosting

  1. Download - wget $(curl -L -s | grep tarball_url | head -n 1 | cut -d '"' -f 4) -O screepsnotify.tgz
  2. Unpack - mkdir screepsnotify; tar zxvf screepsnotify.tgz -C ./screepsnotify --strip 1.
  3. Move - sudo mv screepsnotify /opt/screepsnotify.
  4. Change Directory - cd /opt/screepsnotify
  5. OPTIONAL: Install Dependencies sudo ./provisioning/
  6. Configure - cp .screeps_settings.dist.yaml .screeps_settings.yaml and then edit.
  7. Build - make
  8. Install - sudo make install

AWS Lambda

Even when run every second the load is more than low enough to qualify for the free tier.

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Copy settings file - cp .screeps_settings.dist.yaml .settings.yaml
  3. Edit settings with the appropriate API keys.
  4. Build the lambda package- make lambda
  5. Upload zip to lambda using notify.lambda_handler as the handler


To run the program simply call from the directory your local settings are in. You may simply wish to add this to a cronjob.

$ ./screeps_notify/

Sending Notifications from Screeps

This project includes a javascript module named 'Notify' that is used to queue messages to be sent.

Notify = require('notify.js')

// Will send immediately
Notify('Test Message')

// Will send immediately, but only once every 100 ticks.
Notify('Rate Limited Message', 100)

// Will send only to the economy group services, and only once every 100 ticks.
Notify('Rate Limited Group Message', 100, ['economy'])

// Will send immediately but only to the defense group services
Notify('Rate Limited Group Message', false, ['defense'])


In order to make the rate limiting work copies of rate limited messages are kept in memory. The Notify module has a function to clean this up.

Notify = require('notify.js')


Special thanks to dhzu for putting together the python code to access the Screeps API .