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Deploy your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket projects automatically on Git push events or web hooks
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Deploy your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket projects automatically on Git push events or web hooks


  • With Composer composer create-project --no-interaction scriptburn/git-auto-deploy my-app

  • Or simply download and unzip from github

  • Suggest you to create a subdomain like

  • open app\settings.php and update db, git_path, composer_path according to your server Settings

  • Make sure to add webserver user's public ssh keys in GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab

  • Login to your ssh as the same user as your webserver process is running and issue these commands And accept 'Yes' after you have added your public ssh keys to GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab $ ssh $ ssh $ ssh

  • $ pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

  • Put http://< your-domain >/webhook as WebHook url in appropriate repository

  • Default login and password is admin and admin

  • Now Create a new project and appropriate details and you are ready to go

  • After you push the changes to your remote repo deployment process in your server will start and if you entered your email in project form you will get detailed deployment log or you can check last deployment log any time by visting project list page

Pre/Post Hook script

You can check sample-post-hook.php for sample code used in a post hook script

Login Page

Login page

Projects list page:

  • Search By project name,status and repository type (GitHub ,BitBucket, GitLab) Projects list page

Projects Form:

  • Options to add custom pre and post deployment script.
  • Option to send detailed Deployment status report to provided email
  • Mark a project active or inactive
  • Run composer update after successfull deployment Projects Form

Deployment log

  • View Detailed log of last failed or sucessfull deployment Deployment log

Update Profile

  • Change your email and password Update Profile

Email setting form

  • You can choose how deployment email will be sent , either by native php command or by any external smtp server Email setting form
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