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Synergy Inventory Management Interface (IMI)

An interface where administrator can manage products easily on one page and quickly perform the common products actions.


Install synergy_inventory_management from git:

gem 'synergy_inventory_management', :git => ''

Bundle up with:

bundle install

Run the rake task that adds the assets to your project:

rails g synergy_inventory_management:install

Now you should be able to boot up your server with:

rails s  



Current version (0.2) compatible with Spree/Synergy 0.60.


You can access the interface in Products -> Inventory management menu.

From the left there is a tree of taxonomies, where admin can manage nodes just like he does it in /admin/taxonomies now (create, move, rename etc.). After each taxon there is a number of products, having this taxon. By clicking on a taxon or taxonomy admin can see products having taxons in a selected node.

Products are shown in Products list. Products list contains the following columns:

  • Selecting checkbox (helps to select a set of products for group processing).

  • SKU

  • Product name (also a link to edit product)

  • Main price

  • Indicator if a product has image

  • Quick actions

Products list have pagination and "products per page" selector (10/50/100/All).

Each product has the following quick actions (from left to right):

  • Indicator if the product is shown in a shop. If an indicator is dark, the product is hidden. By clicking on a dark indicator product becomes available from now. Light indicator tells that the product is active; admin can hide the product from now by clicking it.

  • Preview the product on site (opens in a new tab).

  • Edit product.

  • Clone product.

  • Delete product.

Above the Products list there a button "New product in this category". This button opens "new product" dialog with pre-defined taxon (current selected taxon).

Quick group products processing controls from the right perform just the most common actions with selected products:

  • Publish from (select date).

  • Quick hide from now.

  • Add a taxon to selected products (select taxon from combo-box).

  • Delete selected products.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask:

Russian-speaking community: