Web Cloning

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The King Phisher client supports cloning web pages for use as server templates. The cloning operation is done using the cloning dialog avaible from the Tools menu.

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Cloning Web Pages

The cloning dialog allows the user to specify a web page that is to be cloned to the local system. After cloning it is highly recommended that the cloned resources be manually reviewed to ensure compatibility as server template pages. Specifically, in order to log submitted credentials the form fields may need to be renamed to username and password. King Phisher does not modify any forms automatically as part of the cloning process.

After the target page has been cloned and any necessary changes have been made to the local copy, the resources can be uploaded to the server's web root for use in a campaign.

Requiring WebKit2GTK+

In order to clone web pages the gir1.2-webkit2-3.0 OS package must be installed. New installations using the easy install script will have the package installed if the OS package manager is able to provide it. Debian 7 and Kali are both known to not have this package available while Ubuntu 14.04 does have this package available.

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