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An ambitious project to mimic the smaller things in life.

This is how I learned rust.

The idea was to build a cli tool that can generate enough life, and sublife (neutrons, protons, electrons), that when you give the tool atomic weights, it can "generate" appropriate elements.

Now it uses Bevy and the amazing ECS system to constantly iterate and update atoms on the fly with new particles.

Another ambitious goal, would be to set up bonding logic to create water or other compounds.

The most difficult part will be setting up an electro-magnetic field. That is why we are starting with the simplest form of an electro magnetic field.

More to come 🚀

cargo run --release <n>

Example Use:

$ ./scripts/ 30
+ cargo run -q --release 30
2022-03-04T01:33:07.274214Z  INFO bevy_render::renderer: AdapterInfo { name: "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti", vendor: 4318, device: 8578, device_type: DiscreteGpu, backend: Vulkan }
Threads: 16
Universe built
Calculating charge of field..
Field is Cationic
Atoms: 27000
Baryons: 6372000
Quarks: 19116000
Total objects in memory: 25515000


2022-03-04T01:33:24.395275Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: frame_time  :    0.011610s (avg 0.012227s)
2022-03-04T01:33:24.395534Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: fps         :   82.042901  (avg 82.155862)
2022-03-04T01:33:24.395819Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: frame_count :  801.000000  (avg 801.0000)      
2022-03-04T01:33:25.388228Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: frame_time  :    0.012523s (avg 0.012366s)
2022-03-04T01:33:25.388604Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: fps         :   81.464006  (avg 81.372364)
2022-03-04T01:33:25.389062Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: frame_count :  882.000000  (avg 882.0000)      
2022-03-04T01:33:26.393287Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: frame_time  :    0.012117s (avg 0.012703s)
2022-03-04T01:33:26.393578Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: fps         :   81.429777  (avg 81.317298)
2022-03-04T01:33:26.393890Z  INFO bevy diagnostic: frame_count :  963.000000  (avg 963.000000)  


Sans UI

Bevy/ECS code is not tested. Still in beta and too many refactorings will take place over the next year or so.

However if you want to fill up a bunch of RAM and see how performant the builder::generate_universe is, you can run the generate script:

warning this used up 80% of my RAM and I have 32GB of RAM!

460 is cubed and then 118 default protons and neutrons are made per atom!

$ ./scripts/ 460
Threads: 16
Universe built
Calculating charge of field..
Field is Cationic
Atoms: 97336000
Baryons: 22971296000
Quarks: 68913888000
Total objects in memory: 91982520000

real    0m9.096s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.015s


Development Repo is on GitHub:

Backup/Archive Repo is on GitLab: