Your place to contribute to Sensu plugins and their maintainers
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Sensu Plugins Feature Requests

Your place to contribute to Sensu plugins and their maintainers.


Sensu plugins can be found all over GitHub. Community maintainers of Sensu collect them, code review and manage their releases under the Sensu Plugins organization. This results in the many gems we all rely on.

How to Use This Repo

Please open Issues for anything on your mind that will help the community succeed at having the best collection of monitoring plugins.

Common requests are:

  • Transfer ownership of your rad Sensu plugin to this organization (example)
  • Offer an awesome idea that will help others make great plugins (example)

How You Can Help

The success of Sensu depends on its contributors. You can always help the maintainers by:

  • Reviewing open PRs (especially if you're familiar with technology involved)
  • Reviewing and commenting on open Issues (especially older ones)
  • Opening PRs that resolve open Issues
  • Volunteer as a maintainer (after you've done these ☝️ for some time)

And thank you for your contribution. It adds to the monitoring love ❤️.

Maintained Areas

Maintainers do their best to cover the diverse set of plugins and adjacent technologies that make using Sensu a joy.

Area Major Links Maintainers Needs Contributors?
Sensu Org Plugins Org
Extensions Org
Matt (@mbbroberg) - Lead
Ben (@majormoses)
Eric (@eheydrick)
Luis (@luisdavim)
Shane (@sstarcher)
Yes! Read about how!
Ruby Plugin Ruby Plugin Library Cameron (@cwjohnston) - Lead
Eric (@eheydrick)
Ben (@majormoses)
Yes! Please claim an open issue!
Python Plugin Python Plugin Library Barry (@barryorourke) - Lead
Ben (@majormoses)
James (@absolutejam)
Yes! Help wanted on testing 🙏
Windows Windows Plugins James (@absolutejam) - Lead Yes! Help review issues.
Puppet Puppet Module Garrett (@ghoneycutt) - Lead Yes! Help review issues.
Chef Chef Cookbook
Uchiwa Cookbook
Ben (@majormoses) - Lead
Tom (@thomasriley)
Yes! Help review issues.
Ansible Ansible Role
Ansible Module
Jared (@jaredledvina) - Lead
Chris (@cjchand)
Calum (@cmacrae)
Yes! Help review issues.
SaltStack SaltStack Formula Yes! Please volunteer.

Other Resources

If you're working on building your own plugins, use the skeleton plugin to get started!