Jekyll Bootstrap 3 with the material design flavour. Publish your materialized blog using GitHub Pages easily.
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Jekyll Material Design

Publish your static website/blog on GitHub Pages using Jekyll and Bootstrap 3 with a "materialized" style.

This project is based on Jekyll-Bootrap-3. It also includes the Paper theme from

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How it works


1. Create a Repo

2. Install Jekyll-Bootstrap-3

    $ git clone
    $ cd
    $ git remote set-url origin
    $ git push origin master  

3. Edit your website configuration

Edit _includes/themes/bootstrap/ to change information about your new website and also to remove the GitHub red ribbon (default.html#26).

Please, take a look at Jekyll intro to understand how GitHub and Jekyll work together to serve your pages.

4. Enjoy !

  • After giving 10 mins to GitHub of course.

For original project's usage and documentation please see the Wiki of this project.


Visit jekyll-material-design on GitHub Pages

Further resources

  •, a web-based content editor specifically designed to make it simple for content creators to publish to Jekyll