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Seqera is the leading provider of open source workflow orchestration software needed for data pipeline processing, cloud infrastructure, and secure collaboration.

We created Nextflow to address the challenge of creating and sharing analysis pipelines across various infrastructures. By prioritizing a seamless user experience, the project quickly grew from inception to thousands of active users. Along the way, we've defined a new approach to data pipelines, with containerized workloads that make the cloud accessible to the next generation of scientists.

Now, we take these core principles and help our customers with their own journey into data collaboration and compliance — at scale.


  1. tower-cli tower-cli Public

    Nextflow Tower CLI tool

    Java 37 9

  2. nf-training-advanced nf-training-advanced Public

    Customer workshop materials

    Nextflow 16 7

  3. tower-agent tower-agent Public

    Agent app that allows connecting remote batch schedulers to Tower Cloud

    Java 8 3

  4. showcase showcase Public

    Infrastructure as code implementation of the seqeralabs/showcase on Seqera

    Shell 11 4

  5. wave-cli wave-cli Public

    Command line tool for Wave containers provisioning service

    Java 10 3


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