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AWS extension package for Nextflow (xpack-amzn)


The AWS extension package is a plugin provided by Seqera Labs that allows the support for FSx for Lustre and AWS EFS file system when deploying Nextflow pipelines along with AWS Batch computing service.

The plugin requires a license key to be used. If you are interested, please contact us for an evaluation license at


  1. Define the variable NFX_XPACK_LICENSE in your environment, e.g.

    export NXF_XPACK_LICENSE=<license string>
  2. Add in your pipeline nextflow.config file the following snippet:

    plugins {
      id 'xpack-amzn@1.5.0'

The number after @ character represents the plugin version. Make sure to use a version matching your Nextflow version according to the compatibility table in the following section.

  1. Follow the documentation for configure feature specific settings (optional).

Compatibility table

Nextflow version Xpack version
24.01.0-edge (or later) 1.5.0
23.12.0-edge (or later) 1.4.0
23.05.0-edge (or later) 1.3.1
23.01.0-edge (or later) 1.2.1
22.01.1-edge (or later) 1.2.0
21.06.0-edge (or later) 1.1.0
21.01.1-edge, 21.04.x (or later) 1.0.1


Copyright 2021-2024, Seqera Labs, S.L. All Rights Reserved.