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Simple crud service for object definition, validation, basic persistance and collection.
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Simple crud service for object definition, validation, basic persistence and collection.


npm install crud-service


var CrudService = require('crud-service')
  , save = require('save')
  , schema = require('./schema')
  , service = new Service('things', save('thing'), schema())

// service now has some slightly inflated CRUD functionality:
// .create() .read() .update() .partialUpdate()
// .delete() .deleteMany() .find() .count()


var service = new CrudService(String: propertyName, Save: collection, Schemata: schema, Object, options)

Create a new crud service that stores entites in the provided collection. This should be a save instance with your preferred engine. A schemata schema is required for validation

service has the the following CRUD-y methods:

service.create(Object: obj, Object: options, Function: cb) objId, Function: cb)

service.update(Object: obj, Object: options, Function: cb)

service.partialUpdate(Object: obj, Object: options, Function: cb)

service.delete(String: objId, Function: cb)

service.deleteMany(Object: query, Function: cb)

service.find(Object: query, Object: options, Function: cb)

All options arguments are optional.

Omitting cb when calling service.find() will return a stream.

service also has the following method:

service.pre(String: hook, Function: processor)

This facilitates a pipeline for object manipulation before certain operations. pre() can be called multiple times for the same hook and the processor functions will be queued up. A processor function has the signature function (entity, cb) {}, and should callback with cb(err, entity).

A simple example is to maintain a lastUpdated property on service objects:

function setUpdateTime(entity, cb) {
  entity.lastUpdated = new Date()
  cb(null, entity)

service.pre('update', setUpdateTime)
service.pre('partialUpdate', setUpdateTime)

The available pre hooks are:

  • create - after validation, just before persistence
  • createValidate - before validation
  • update - after validation, just before persistence
  • updateValidate - before validation
  • partialUpdate - after validation, just before persistence
  • partialValidate - before validation
  • delete - before deletion


Paul Serby follow me on twitter @serby


Licenced under the New BSD License

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