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🍜 Minimalist Jekyll Template, dark and light themes

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Indigo Minimalist Jekyll Template - Demo

This is a simple and minimalist template for Jekyll for those who likes to eat noodles.

What has inside | Setup | Settings | How to

Light and Dark themes.

What has inside


  1. ⭐ to the project. 🤘
  2. Fork the project Indigo
  3. Edit _config.yml with your data
  4. Write some posts :bowtie:

To run locally do the following:

  1. Install Jekyll and Bundler.
  2. Clone the forked repo on your machine
  3. Enter the cloned folder via terminal and run:
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. Open it in your browser: http://localhost:4000

Or run with docker.


You can customize your site on _config.yml file.

How To?

Check the FAQ.


MIT License © Sérgio Kopplin