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HSLynk PostgreSQL operational database schema locations and documentation

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  • Note: The HSLynk Big Data Warehouse also contains all these elements, but this additionally shows the relationships between the elements. The HSLynk Big Data Warehouse also has element descriptions within the views.

Entity Relational Diagram (ERD) files and docs can be found here:

HMIS Version Specific Schemas

Global Client/Enrollment Schemas

  • to be added soon (issue #590)

Base Schema

  • preliminary diagram contains dedupe IDs, global, and generic tables (generics will be split out soon)

Survey and Housing Match CES Schemas

Also, you can directly view each schema using the following technique:

~/git/hslynk-open-source$ find ./ -type f -name *.sql ./hmis-model-v2014/HMISModel_v2014.sql ./hmis-model-v2014/HMISModel_stagv2014.sql ./hmis-notification-core/notificationdb.sql ./hmis-model-v2017/HMISModel_v2017.sql ./hmis-base-model/HMISBase_Model.sql ./hmis-base-model/SSN_DOB_Encryption.sql ./hmis-base-model/MasterData.sql ./hmis-base-model/Client_Consent.sql ./hmis-model-v2015/HMISModel_stagv2015.sql ./hmis-model-v2015/HMISModel_v2015.sql ./hmis-model-v2016/HMISModel_v2016.sql

~/git/coordinated-entry$ find ./ -type f -name *.sql ./housing_inventory/housing_inventory_model.sql ./hmis-survey-api/survey_model.sql ./housing-matching/src/main/resources/models/housing-matching.sql

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