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Invocations of autoconf213 should also include argument specifying the
calculated shared macro path. This is necessary if autoconf213 is not
installed globally.

Closes #382.
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Brian J. Burg committed Apr 19, 2013
1 parent 76f541f commit 43c8b85
Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
5 changes: 4 additions & 1 deletion configure
Expand Up @@ -392,8 +392,11 @@ fi

step_msg "running submodule autoconf scripts"

msg "configuring src/mozjs"

AUTOCONF213_M4_MACROS="$(dirname ${CFG_AUTOCONF213})/../share/$(basename ${CFG_AUTOCONF213})/"
# Run the SpiderMonkey autoconf using autoconf 2.13
(cd ${CFG_SRC_DIR}src/mozjs/js/src && "${CFG_AUTOCONF213}") || exit $?
(cd ${CFG_SRC_DIR}src/mozjs/js/src && "${CFG_AUTOCONF213}" -l "${AUTOCONF213_M4_MACROS}") || exit $?

# Pixman and cairo require some care to autoconf correctly for our in-tree build.
# The normal files mostly just run autoreconfig but we need more fine control
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