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django-todo is a multi-user, multi-group task management and assignment system for Django. Includes drag and drop task prioritization (via jquery) and email task notification. Can be used for anything from personal GTD tracking to a shared organizational ticketing/tracking system.

We believe django_todo is compatible with both Python2 and Python3; let us know if you encounter any issues there.

The assumption is that your organization/publication/company has multiple groups of employees, each with multiple users (where actual users and groups map to Django Users and Groups). Users may belong to multiple groups, and each group can have multiple todo lists.

You must have at least one Group set up in Django admin, and that group must have at least one User as a member. This is true even if you're the sole user of django-todo.

Users can view and modify all to-do lists belonging to their group(s). Only users with is_staff() can delete lists.

Identical list names can exist in different groups, but not in the same group.

Emails are generated to the assigned-to person when new tasks are created.

Comment threads can be added to tasks. Each participant in a thread receives email when new comments are added.



django-todo is auth-only. You must set up a login system and at least one group before deploying.

List of lists

Show all lists associated with groups to which the current user belongs, or add lists to those groups.

View/manage a single list

The main workhorse view. Add todo items to a list. Mark items complete or delete items. Drag and drop table rows to set task priorities. Completed items can also be marked undone.

Show only tasks assigned to me

Filter across all groups and lists for tasks assigned to the current user.

Styled with Bootstrap:

JQuery datepicker

Make due date entry easier with JQuery date picker

Edit a single task

Modify details for a single task.


Standard comment threads: