Shadowsocks for OSX Help

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Shadowsocks GUI designed for OS X 10.8+, automatically configuring system proxy settings, with a GFWList PAC.

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Basic Usage

  1. Open dmg file and move ShadowsocksX to Applications. Open it.
  2. If any security prompt come out, please select Allow.
  3. Shadowsocks will automatically configure the global system proxy settings.
  4. Close any other proxy or VPN program. If you are using SwitchySharp, please set its mode to Use System Proxy Settings.
  5. You can find Shadowsocks icon on the right side of the menu bar.


  1. If you'd rather use SwitchySharp than a global PAC proxy, you can turn global proxy off in the menu bar icon. Shadowsocks will still be running at
  2. You can use your own server instead of the public server. The server preferences are also in the menu bar icon.
  3. You may need to restart Chrome after you choose another server.
  4. You can check the logs in the Logs beginning with ShadowsocksX: are the logs of Shadowsocks.
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