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@sharkdp sharkdp released this 22 Mar 15:38


  • Added --one-file-system (aliases: --mount, --xdev) to not cross file system boundaries on Unix and Windows, see #507 (@FallenWarrior2k).
  • Added --base-directory to change the working directory in which fd is run, see #509 and #475 (@hajdamak).
  • fd will not use colored output if the NO_COLOR environment variable is set, see #550 and #551 (@metadave).
  • fd --exec will return exit code 1 if one of the executed commands fails, see #526 and #531 (@fusillicode and @Giuffre)

Bug Fixes


  • A flag can now be passed multiple times without producing an error, see #488 and #496 (@rootbid).
  • Search results are sorted when using the -X option to match the behaviour of piping to xargs, see #441 and #524 (@Marcoleni @crash-g).