Web file manager, disk space usage, storage search engine and file system analytics for diskover
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diskover-web - diskover's web file manager, storage analytics and file search engine

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diskover-web is an open source web file manager, disk space usage, storage analytics and file search engine for diskover. It is designed to help you quickly search across your storage servers using your diskover Elasticsearch indices. With diskover-web you can visualize the file system meta data from your diskover crawls and get better insights into your data by viewing detailed disk usage analytics of your file systems.

diskover-web also supports file and directory tagging. Files and directories can be tagged for keep, archive or delete, or with custom tags, and from there you can use the diskover-web API to access file info for any data moving you wish to do.

With "smartsearches" in diskover-web, you can create any ES query and visualize those queries using the smartsearch analytics. Included are some common search queries such as image files, audio, video, documents, etc.

diskover-web allows exporting of file lists to json/csv, also the diskover-web REST API can be integrated into your pipeline and used to view or update data, such as tags, in your diskover indices.

It is written in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap and D3.js.


diskover-web dashboard

diskover-web file tree

diskover-web treemap

diskover-web hotdirs

diskover-web heatmap

diskover-web tags

diskover-web dupes

diskover-web smart searches

diskover-web hardlinks

diskover-web advanced search

diskover-web search results

diskover-web admin panel

Installation Guide - Local


  • Linux or OS X/MacOS (tested on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04, OS X 10.11.6)
  • PHP 7 (tested on PHP 7.1.10, 7.2.5)
  • Composer Dependency Manager for PHP (install composer with apt or yum)
  • PHP client for Elasticsearch (elasticsearch-php, tested on 5.3.2, installed when running composer install)
  • php-curl (install with apt or yum, if you are running php7.1 or php7.2 install php7.x-curl)
  • Elasticsearch 5 (tested on Elasticsearch 5.6.9) Elasticsearch 6 not supported yet.
  • Apache or Nginx (if you don't want to use PHP built-in web server)
  • diskover (Elasticsearch index created by diskover)
  • Chrome or Safari (cookies are required for diskover-web, Chrome recommended)


$ git clone https://github.com/shirosaidev/diskover-web.git
$ cd diskover-web

Download latest version

Install application dependencies

$ cd diskover-web
$ composer install

Docker hub image

You can set up diskover and diskover-web in docker, there are a few choices for easily running diskover in docker using pre-built images/compose files.

linuxserver.io Docker hub image: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/diskover/

Installation Guide - Using docker compose

You can use docker-compose to test and run diskover-web. In the docker-compose it is also included Elasticsearch and Redis so that it is possible to create a full test environment for diskover.

The following schema uses Apache2 as webserver. This allows diskover-web to receive more requests in parallel than using the development PHP server.


  • Docker 1.13+
  • Docker-compose 1.16.1+


$ docker-compose build && docker-compose up

The services will be exposed in the following port on localhost:

Service Port
Elasticsearch 9200
Redis 6379
Diskover Web 8080

User Guide

Read the wiki.


See the license file.