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Github Readme Quotes: Dynamic quote generator for your GitHub readmes


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Current status

  • Project Status: Migrated to Vercel Cloud

  • Project Deployment Status: I have moved it from Heroku to Vercel Cloud now. Please access the content from UI on and utility on

  • Self-Hosting and Contributions: If you wish to host the project on your own, you can fork the repository and deploy it according to your needs. Feel free to reach out to me if you require any assistance or have inquiries about the project. Your contributions and involvement in the project are welcome.

Shoutout to Vercel

Big shoutout to Vercel for their amazing hosting service! @vercel

Featuring on Dynamic GitHub Profile Readme Quotes - Everlasting Poetic Touch to GitHub Profiles for everyone | Product Hunt

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Inspired by @anuraghazra

Use User Interface, to view designed quotes and copy link and paste it directly


Sl No Feature Name Description
1 Dynamic Quotes Different quotes every time its rendered for GitHub Profile Readme
2 Colorful Themes Various colorful themes available for cards
3 Design Layouts Different Layout design cards are available
4 Animation Animations available for quote cards
5 Custom Quotes from GitHub Gists You can add custom quotes of your own or own choice from GitHub Gists json files
6 Quotes based on Category Different category based quotes are available

Note: To read an article on this project, please refer: GitHub Profile README : Animated Dynamic Quote Generator

Github Readme Quotes

Copy and paste the following markdown content to display the quote.


  • Themes

You can display your quote in different themes without any manual customization.

Use ?theme=THEME_NAME parameter as shown below.


Available Themes

dark, radical, merko, gruvbox, tokyonight, onedark, cobalt, synthwave, highcontrast, dracula



Light Theme


You can explore different themes here.

Feel free to contribute different themes.

  • Layouts

You can also change the layout of your templates.

Use ?layout=LAYOUT parameter as shown below


Layout 1 (Default)


Layout 2 (Socrates)


You can explore different layouts here.

Feel free to contribute different layouts.

  • Fonts

You can also add fonts to your templates.

Use ?font=FONT_NAME parameter as shown below


Font 1 (Default)


Font 2 (Redressed)


You can explore different fonts here.

Feel free to contribute different fonts.

  • Animations

You can also add animations to your templates.

Use ?animation=ANIMATION paramater as shown below


Animation 1


You can explore different animations here.

  • Custom Quotes

You can also provide a file with the list of quotes and a random quote will be generated for you.

Follow the steps to provide your own custom quotes

  • Use the template provided at here and write your own file with multiple quotes.

  • Save the file in the repository in any (public) directory or anywhere in the internet.

  • Get the link of the file.

  • Use ?quotesUrl=URL as shown below



  • Category based Quotes

You can also provide a category to fetch the list of quotes based on certain category and a random quote will be generated for you based on category you specify.

Available Categories

general life success motivational
fun programming dream failure
gaming birthday Humorous Travel
  • Use quoteCategory=categoryName as shown below



Feel free to contribute different quotes to different categories.

Follow the steps to add quotes to category

  • Add the quote you want in this file based on the category it falls into.
  • If the category you want doesn't exist, feel free to add the category in this file and add the quotes.

Swagger Docs

To view Swagger docs, run npm start and open localhost:3002/api-docs.

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