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GSOC 2012 Project: Improve Payment Module

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The payment module enables processing of payments for any DataObject that is “payable”. It is a standalone module which is used for many different e-commerce solutions and can incorporate many different payment gateways.

This project aims to:

  • Improve / standardize the API
  • Improve unit test coverage and framework for payment gateways
  • Review current payment gateways and incorporate more
  • Improve recurring payment for gateways that support it

Detailed scope and timeline


Status, Source, and Documentation


Change Process (draft)

This is how work will be done on this project

  • Community discussion (mainly in the mailing list) about upcoming changes, features. This means everyone gets a chance to have their say, and express their opinions.
  • Features, fixes, changes implemented in student's own fork of the module.
  • Pull requests sent to main repository for owners/mentors to merge into main code.

Mailing lists


Timeline (taken from Ryan's proposal)

May 7th – 13th: Familiarize with the code and the community; discuss implementation plan with the mentors.

May 14th – 20th: Refactor the Payment API and separate the gateway providers to submodules. Ensure that all gateways work after separation.

May 21th – June 3rd: Study all payment gateways’ API and test environments. Implement a generic testing framework for all gateways.

June 4th – 17th: Implement specific testing strategies for each gateway, which includes setting up API test environments and unit testing.

June 18th – June 24th: Ensure all test cases work correctly and all aspects of the payment gateway handlers are tested thoroughly.

June 25th – July 8th: Integrate Google Checkout and other gateways.

July 9th - July 13th: Submitting mid term evaluation.

July 9th – July 22nd: Refactor the recurring payment API. Implement Paypal recurring payment.

July 23rd – July 29th: Do more testing and refactoring. Make sure all payment gateways work perfectly.

July 30st – August 13th: Further refine tests and documentation for the whole project.

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