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A game inspired by Factor Software's "BOOM"
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Lifish is a work-in-progress arcade old-style game inspired by Factor Software's BOOM.

The Lifish engine was used to create BOOM Remake, a faithful remake of the original BOOM game.

Lifish comes with a (Work In Progress) level editor, currently working only on Linux and MacOS: LifishEdit. This also works for the BOOM Remake mod.

Main game planned release

Once the main work is done, Lifish will be released for the current platforms:

  • Windows 64 bit (probably >= Vista)
  • Linux (somewhat recent versions of libc and libstdc++ are needed; to be precise, your distro must support GLIBC_2.17 and GLIBCXX_3.4.20.)
  • OS X
  • Probably FreeBSD

See later for instructions on how to build the game from the sources.



Linux, OS X, BSD, etc

The game can be compiled on *nix (tested on Linux, OSX and FreeBSD) via cmake . && make (you need to have SFML >=2.4 installed).


On Windows you can either use VS2015 (or later), or a Unix-like environment like MinGW-w64 (I use the TDM-GCC compiler).

If you use the latter, you can follow the steps on this guide until the MinGW-w64 chapter (included -- you can skip the First steps section, as all the listed dependencies like Python etc aren't required). Remember to cmake -G "MSYS Makefiles" ., otherwise cmake will probably generate a VS makefile.

Multithreaded mode

The game can be compiled in multithreaded mode (separate logic and rendering), but at the moment it's not really a good idea to do so, as:

  • the framerate probably won't improve (and it needs not, should be already smooth 120fps)
  • odd behaviours and occasional crashes may occur.

Command line parameters

If launched from the command line, lifish accepts a bunch of parameters (see lifish -h for details). It also accepts an optional argument which is the path of the level JSON to use (default: lifish.json).

Note about assets

The graphics and sounds you'll find in assets are placeholder. No graphic asset is even close to being final, and the final assets won't be uploaded on this repo, as they'll be available for purchase in the official release.


Copyright (c) Giacomo Parolini, 2018

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.


Coded with vim.

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