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This is the branch of Lifish that contains the code for BOOM Remake, a faithful remake of the original BOOM game.

Lifish was a work-in-progress arcade game inspired by BOOM, but that project is currently in indefinite hiatus. The boom branch is the one that's still being occasionally updated, mostly for bugfixing, as BOOM Remake is already complete.

Lifish (and by extension, BOOM Remake) has a level editor available as a separate program, currently working only on Linux and MacOS: LifishEdit. A new level editor is in the making, working on Linux and Windows: BOOMEdit: Remake.

Supported platforms

BOOM Remake is known to work on the following platforms:

  • Windows 64 bit (>= 7)
  • Linux 64 bit (with non-ancient versions of libc and libstdc++)
  • macOS Intel and Apple Silicon (>= 11)


The latest "official" binaries are available here. The latest version in this repo may contain additional features that I haven't had time to polish and package yet in the release.



Linux, OS X, BSD, etc

The game can be compiled on *nix (tested on Linux, OSX and FreeBSD) via cmake . && make (you need to have SFML >=2.5 installed).


On Windows you can use cmake + Visual Studio.

Command line parameters

If launched from the command line, lifish accepts a bunch of parameters (see lifish -h for details). It also accepts an optional argument which is the path of the level JSON to use (default: lifish.json).

Note about assets

The original BOOM assets belong to Factor Software. I don't hold any intellectual property upon them.


Copyright (c) silverweed, 2022

See the LICENSE file for licensing information.



Coded with vim.