Adds autoplaylists, aka iTunes "smart playlists", to Google Music.
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Autoplaylists for Google Music™

This is a Chrome extension to add user-defined autoplaylists in Google Music (iTunes calls these "Smart Playlists").

autoplaylist screenshot

This extension is not supported nor endorsed by Google.

Installation and support

Everything relevant to users can be found at

The rest of this page is intended for developers.

Development workflow

  • run npm install
  • run ./ somewhere and leave it running -- this will build whenever files change
  • go to chrome://extensions/
  • click "developer mode"
  • click "Load unpacked extension" and provide the repo/src directory
  • after updating any javascript, hit "reload" in chrome://extensions/
  • you can find the logs in different places depending on the code that's running:
    • content script: console
    • background script: click the "background page" link by the "Inspect views" section on chrome://extensions/
    • manager/playlist: on their pages' consoles

Google Music is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.