Bug with includes files and hledger-web #234

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julpec commented Feb 9, 2015

I didn't have this problem with hledger-web 0.23.3 but with 0.24.1 it's not possible to add a transaction with multiple files.

I have this error message on my browser :

Handler/Post.hs:49:7-68: Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern (errs1, [date, desc, journalpath])

This is when I start hledger-web with a multiple file journal like this

!include plan.journal

!include 2013/ecritures-2013.journal
!include 2014/ecritures-2014.journal

I can not write on this file or the include's one.

I made a test with a "normal" journal file (i.e. without includes) and it's working.


Thanks for the report. Submitting an empty add form also triggers this, even without an include.

curl -i http://localhost:5000/journal -d 'action=add'

Ignore those false starts, it's not fixed yet (ie currently you can't use hledger-web to add entries to a journal file which uses the include directive).

@simonmichael simonmichael added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 23, 2015
@simonmichael web: improve add form validation (#223, #234)
The add form is now partly using yesod-form.

This is fixed in master; close when released. As a consequence, when there are includes the add form now reveals the full path of the journal files.


Fixed in 0.25.

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