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Beautified JOSM preset

This started off as a project to rework the original JOSM preset to use icons that work better as UI elements for use in vespucci, but has since evolved to be improved in many other aspects.

The icons have been replaced with ones from ,, and a handful of ones created by myself.

The links to original icons remain if they currently don't have a replacement, current count is roughly 90 icons that either have not been replaced or are missing.

The preset file contained at last count over 880 individual object presets vs 724 in the original. Extensions to the original JOSM schema are documented on the vespucci site.

Due to the touchy nature of the subject, presets for military objects have been moved out of the default preset to military preset.

Building the actual preset files is done with gradle and should work on both unixy operationing systems and windows, the "generateAllPresetTypes" task will generate the variants in the gen directory.

Building requires xmlstarlet installed and on your path.

The icons are currently assumed to be in icons/png, generating the icons from SVG requires rsvg-convert to be installed and sh to be present (we will likely move this to gradle too).

The presets are being translated on transifex here, to retrieve the translations you will need to install and setup the transifex command line client.

Please follow us on twitter for updates.