Vespucci is a OpenStreetMap editor for Android
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Vespucci - An OpenStreetMap editor for Android

This is the first OpenStreetMap editor for Android, codename "Vespucci".

Amerigo Vespucci


If you're interested in this project, you're welcome to help improving it. We need UI designers, translators, and of course Java programmers. Join now! Join our mailing list or write to

What is Vespucci?

  • An offline (once you have downloaded data) editor for OpenStreetMap
  • Runs on mobile devices using the Android platform
  • Functionality:
    • Create and edit new nodes and ways
    • Move and rotate ways
    • Append nodes to existing ways
    • Delete nodes
    • Create, edit and delete tags
    • Edit relations and create new turn restrictions
    • JOSM presets support
    • Download and upload to OSM server
    • Saving and reading of JOSM format OSM data files
    • Highlight objects with missing tags like unnamed roads
    • Highlight ways/nodes with TODOs or FIXMEs
    • Highlight very old objects that are likely to be outdated
    • Add, comment and close OSM Notes
    • Use a variety of background tile layers as reference
    • Show the user's GPS track with accuracy
    • Upload to OSM and local saving of GPS tracks
    • Display the raw data
    • Display geo-referenced photographs

What is Vespucci NOT?

  • a pure map-view or a routing-application

Getting started with contributing

Here is how you can start developing.

Currently building is supported with eclipse, android studio and gradle, see build instructions.

Important note: if you are building your own version, particularly if you are making it available to third parties, please change app_version and app_name_version in res/values/appname.xml to something that makes it clear that this is not an "official" release and clearly identifies your builds.


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