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gibo: fast access to .gitignore boilerplates

gibo (short for .gitignore boilerplates) is a command-line tool to help you easily access .gitignore boilerplates from

Typical usage

$ gibo dump Swift Xcode >> .gitignore

For additional usage instructions, run gibo help.


Using Homebrew

brew install gibo

Or use the tap, which may be slightly more up-to-date:

brew install simonwhitaker/tap/gibo

Using Scoop

On Windows, you can install gibo using Scoop:

scoop bucket add main
scoop install main/gibo

Using Chocolatey

choco install gibo

Using the Go toolchain

go install

Building from source

Clone the repo, then:

cd gibo
go install .

Downloading a binary

Download the latest release for your platform, then put gibo (or gibo.exe) somewhere on your path.

Installation on Docker

docker run --rm simonwhitaker/gibo

Tab completion in bash, zsh, fish and Powershell

See the instructions at:

gibo completion

Use gibo to generate .hgignore files

The glob .hgignore syntax for Mercurial is compatible with .gitignore syntax. This means that you can use gibo to generate .hgignore files, as long as the .hgignore files use the glob syntax:

echo 'syntax: glob' > .hgignore
gibo dump Python >> .hgignore


gibo was written by Simon Whitaker (@s1mn)