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Common Lisp regression testing framework
Common Lisp CSS
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Latest commit 70c0b65 Apr 6, 2016 @sionescu Compile tests by default at definition time
Compiling tests at runtime is no longer strictly necessary given that
ASDF3 has gotten much better at tracking file modification times and
recompiling source files. Compiling tests at definition-time speeds up
test runs considerably.

The old behaviour can be obtained by defining a test with the argument
:compile-at :run-time.


This is FiveAM, a common lisp testing framework.

The documentation can be found in the docstrings, start with the
package :it.bese.fiveam (nicknamed 5AM).

The mailing list for FiveAM is

All the code is Copyright (C) 2002-2006 Edward Marco Baringer.
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