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Releases: sirAndros/KeePassWinHello

KeePassWinHello 3.2

19 Aug 19:47
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Fixed following issues:

  • #42 - Handle inner TPM error;
  • #51 - Fallback to default unlock on remote desktop (Windows Hello is not available for remote sessions);
  • #56 - Access denied for AllowSetForegroundWindow;
  • #60 - Fallback to using local key if the persistent one is absent;
  • #63 - Address NTE_INVALID_HANDLE error;
  • #68 - Fix TPM issue related to hibernation;
  • #69 - Address NTE_BAD_KEYSET error;
  • #71 - Address NTE_BAD_DATA error;
  • #72 - Handle inner NCryptEncrypt error;
  • #77 - Address TPM_20_E_SIZE error;

And also simplified bugs reporting through dedicated button in error message dialog.

KeePassWinHello 3.1.1

10 Sep 21:01
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Fixed the security issue found by Angelelz #38.
It allowed to execute a spoofing attack by replacing the permanent key used to sign master passwords while storing in the Windows Credential Manager. Big thanks to Angelelz!

KeePassWinHello 3.1

01 Sep 19:33
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This release is dedicated to minor but still important improvements which cut corners is some scenarios of using the plugin.

  • Revoking the key if Windows Hello prompt was cancelled is now optional (#30, thanks to GoldenHashtag)
  • New algorithm for handling secure desktop which is compatible with AutoType and Open From URL dialogs (#18, thanks to kinglike1337)
  • Fixed an error when creating a permanent key on Windows 10 earlier 1809 (#33, thanks to mullenat and tvannuland).

KeePassWinHello 3.0

26 Aug 00:13
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In this major release we have finally shipped a long-awaited feature for a permanent storage for master passwords (#7).
The storage holds its content encrypted with a permanent key signed with your biometry via Windows Hello.
Please follow to the Options dialog and create a permanent key in order to enable this storage. Thanks to gio710 and many others.
In addition, you can revoke all stored keys manually on the Options (#10, thanks to ghost).

And now here is the most significant change ever. Let us introduce our brand-new ultimate icon!🎈

KeePassWinHello 2.2

13 Jun 10:50
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Support running in elevated KeePass process (#11)

KeePassWinHello 2.1

18 Feb 19:56
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Added support for KeePass option "Enter master key on secure desktop" (#12)

KeePassWinHello 2.0

14 Dec 19:50
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This release is built on a completely new codebase that aims to improve UX, enhance code quality, stability and maintainability, essentially focusing on security issues. In particular, the release includes:


  • New smooth lock-unlock workflow without a redundant "quick" key provider;
  • Encoding and decoding keys from third-party providers based on the metadata instead of caching their effective keys;
  • Increased security of key management (keys are encrypted by Windows Hello and AES algorithms);
  • Added an option to disable the plugin in Settings dialog;


  • Fixed the issue with keeping original key file path upon unlocking DB (#9, thanks to kinglike1337)
  • Changes of validity period option is now applied to existing stored keys (related to #10, thanks to ghost)
  • Fixed a possible vulnerable behavior by suggesting quick authorization in case of suspected key compromise.

KeePassWinHello 1.0.1

01 Sep 21:17
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  • Fixed handling an exception if WinHello is disabled #1 (thanks to rjt)
  • Small improvements in Options dialog

KeePassWinHello 1.0

26 Aug 20:43
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First public release