Quick unlock with Windows Hello for KeePass 2
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Quick unlock with Windows Hello for KeePass 2

This plugin for KeePass 2 password manager is intended for fast authorisation to a database after its first unlock using Windows Hello technology.


With this plugin you may:

  1. Unlock your database with your masterkey/keyfile/other provider;

  2. Lock the database (for example, applying autolock on minimize);

  3. When you try to unlock it again, if Windows Hello is available on your system and active for the database, a Windows Hello prompt will be shown over a classic KeePass unlock prompt;

  4. Profit!

Systems Requirements

This plugin relies on Windows Hello API and its requirements.

Tested on Microsoft Surface with KeePass 2.39.1.

How to Install

Place KeePassWinHelloPlugin.plgx into Plugins folder in your KeePass installation (by default is C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2).


The plugin integrates itself into the KeePass settings dialog.

Available settings:

  • Auto prompt (default: true): If enabled a Windows Hello prompt will automatically be opened while unlocking the database as long as it is available.
  • Valid time period (default: 24 hours): Choose how long a saved key will be available. Once this period has expired you need to provide your full password to unlock the database again.


No sensitive information including master passwords for databases are stored by the plugin in a plain text. A database key is encrypted and decrypted using Windows Hello API in order to unlock the database.