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Example dApps used during SKALE presentations
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SKALE Demo Code Examples

SKALE is an open-source, fully decentralized, layer 2 scaling network. Nodes in the SKALE Network are placed into SKALE Chains in a random, cryptographically secure manner. The nodes work together to run a fast, asynchronous consensus with fast finality. SKALE Chains are capable of performing state updates by messaging each other and the main Ethereum chain using BLS threshold signatures. The result is a decentralized, cost-effective, secure, and easy to use layer 2 scaling environment.

Learn More

SKALE Website
Developer Documentation

SKALE Examples

Deploying to SKALE is similar to deploying to the Ethereum blockchain. There are a few changes you will need to make within your existing deployment scripts. When using these code samples, please be sure to modify the code appropriately before running anything in production!

Block Explorer block-explorer
Cake Recipe Demo make-a-cake
File Storage Demo file-storage
Money Transfer money-transfer
Rock Paper Scissors Demo rock-paper-scissors
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