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▲ Zeit Now plugin for Unity. Deploy WebGL builds with ease
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Unity Now

Deploy Unity WebGL builds on Zeit Now serverless platform with ease.


Using UnityPackageManager (for Unity 2018.3 or later)

Find the manifest.json file in the Packages folder of your project and edit it to look like this:

  "dependencies": {
    "com.skibitsky.UnityNow": "",

To update the package, change #{version} to the target version.
Or, use UpmGitExtension.

Using legacy unitypackage

  1. Download the latest .unitypackage from Releases
  2. Import it into your Unity Project


  1. Add your access token to the Configure Now assets (Assets/unity-now/ConfigureNow)
  2. Run Now→ Deploy from the menu bar
  3. Select your WebGL build
  4. Wait till deployment completes


You can configure Unity Now using Configure Now scriptable object. It is located at Assets/unity-now/ConfigureNow and contains the following properties:

Name Description
Token Zeit Now access token. You can generate a new one here
Base URL Endpoint base URL. You can change it if you need a certain server location. Read more
Copy URL If enabled, Unity Now will save the deployment URL to the clipboard after the deployment is complete


MIT © skibitsky

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