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This repository is based on Joyent mibe. Please note this repository should be build with the mi-core-base mibe image.


Redis based json API for the mail infrastructure mibe images.

This image is part of the following images:

mdata variables

  • api_redis_key [*]: base64 encoded spipe key
  • import_urls: list of urls that provide a json dump of mail accounts and aliases. The format is described below.
  • nginx_ssl [*]: ssl cert, key and CA for imaps and pop3s in pem format
  • nginx_auth [*]: htpasswd authentication data (username:password_hash)

[*] is required to work properly.


  • 443/tcp: https api
  • 63790/tcp: spipe encrypted redis master

Legacy JSON import format


	"": {
		"account": [
				"name": "alice",
				"password": "$1$9hW1N3SC$J6vfo890zc50GC1jYHP211"
				"name": "bob",
				"password": "$1$0MhHZVnG$d6rHD1KFLNOJ9EFdMKrB91"
		"alias": [
				"to": ",",
				"name": "office"

This creates two email accounts for and It also creates an email alias that forwards mail to both mailboxes.