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May 30, 2021

There Is No WoeUSB

Well there was one, but it is now moved to the new home:

What happened

WoeUSB is moving to a new GitHub organization to fulfill new needs and expectations, refer The future of WoeUSB · Issue #209 · slacka/WoeUSB for more info.

What should I do

I'm a user of WoeUSB

Please refer to for new software releases, the wxWidgets GUI wrapper program is dropped due to its unmaintained status.

We also recommend @WaxyMocha's WoeUSB-ng, which rewritten WoeUSB using Python (including the GUI, yay!) and has a better future than the currently Bash-based WoeUSB.

I've filed an unresolved issue to WoeUSB

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties we are unable to migrate old issues to the new project, please kindly file a new issue and link it to the old counterpart.

This is also a good time to ensure the issue is still reproducible/relevant.

I've filed an unresolved pull request to WoeUSB

Please kindly file it again to the corresponding WoeUSB project, thank you!

I'm a package maintainer of WoeUSB

  • Please refer to the new GitHub projects for the source code and contacts.
  • It is recommended to use woeusb as the package name of the woeusb Bash core utility, and a separate package of woeusb-frontend-wxgtk for the wxWidgets wrapper. The woeusb-frontend-wxgtk package should not ship the woeusb program and relies on a dependency for the woeusb package.
  • If you want to package the current source feel free to do so, after the descretion of the namespace conflict problem. The current source is available at the obsoleted branch.


We would like to thank @slacka and countless contributors for making the project alive, and thrive through these years.

The new title is inspired from the There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension non-game, by Draw Me A Pixel.


WoeUSB is a simple tool that enable you to create your own usb stick windows installer from an iso image or a real DVD. It is a fork of Congelli501's WinUSB.






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