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10. Debugging

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If DEBUG_ENABLED is defined (it is by default), the mower will enter Debug Mode if it receives a D or a d over the serial port.

The debug mode can be used to verify that the hardware is set up correctly.

Available debug commands:

  • L - Turn left wheel motor on or off
  • R - Turn right wheel motor on or off
  • 9 - Make a 90 ° turn
  • C - Turn cutter motor on or off
  • S - Test BWF sensors
  • G - Test gyro/compass/accelerometer
  • D - Turn LED on or off
  • T - Make a short test run (will go forward, but turn away from BWF)
  • P - Print motor load, battery voltage and charging status
  • A - Trimpot adjust mode (Use this to adjust the potentiometer on the top shield. Measure the voltage over your battery with a multimeter and adjust the potentiometer until the value shown in the serial console is the same as your measurement.)
  • M - Start mowing (Exit Debug Mode)
  • B - Look for BWF and dock (Exit Debug Mode)
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