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Welcome to the Chainlink Wiki, thanks for your interest! The Wiki is intended for developers looking to build on the Chainlink node or Explorer directly. If you're a contract creator wanting to utilize the Chainlink network, see our contract creators page in our docs. If you're interested in being a node operator, see our node operators page in our docs.

The Architecture Overview and the Job Pipeline pages are good places to start if you're new here. The side bar contains links to relevant pages and external resources.

Here are some additional important resources:

Chainlink Docs Home

Look here for instructions on how to use the Chainlink network.

Contributing Guidelines

If you would like to contribute to the project, please use this as a basis for understanding our workflow and requirements.


We use a lot of new terms when referring to the Chainlink node. You can look up what those terms mean here.

Project Tracker

This is where we keep track of development tasks and plan for future iterations.

If you have questions, feel free to open an issue or reach out to us on Gitter.

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