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Core functionality offered by the node (see also, external adapter).


The result produced from an oracle service, after aggregation.


V1 spec of a JobSpec which was used by the Ruby Node.


Bridge is the technical term for an external adapter used within the node's API. When you add a "Bridge Type" to the node, you are adding a link to the external adapter.


A Smart Contract which uses the services of an oracle to receive an Answer.

External Adapter

External adapters are what make Chainlink easily extensible, providing simple integration of custom computations and specialized APIs. A Chainlink node communicates with external adapters via a simple REST API.

Function Selector

A function selector is the first four bytes of the call data for a function call and specifies the function to be called.


Starts the JobSpec.

Available initiators are:

  • runlog
  • specandrun
  • cron
  • ethlog
  • runat
  • web


This term is usually used as short-hand for a JobSpec.


The run of a job's execution, tracks multiple TaskRuns.


The JobSpec is the definition for what initiates a job and tasks to perform. The complete JobSpec includes parameters which determine off-chain actions (tasks), and on-chain requirements (deposit, payment, response time, etc.).


Entity which connects computations on blockchains with off-chain resources. Typically made up of two components: the Oracle Node (off-chain) and the Oracle Contract (on-chain).

Oracle Contract

The on-chain component of an Oracle. The Oracle Contract is the interface through which Consuming Contracts pass and receive data with off-chain resources.

Oracle Node

The off-chain component of an Oracle.

Requesting Contract

A Smart Contract which initiates the request for external data.


The node executing on some specification is referred to as a run. A run can mean a JobRun or a TaskRun.


This term is usually used as short-hand for a TaskSpec


The TaskSpec is the definition for the individual task to be performed within the job pipeline.


The result of the individual task's execution.

A TaskRun may have the following statuses:

  • in_progress
  • pending_confirmations
  • pending_bridge
  • errored
  • completed
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